Accenttech Corporation

We ensure that everyone involved in the project has a clear idea of the scope of the project underway, the estimated cost, and understands how the project will progress, be evaluated and re-estimated if required. We employ the implementation and problem resolution project management procedures.

Project Planning - Led by a project manager who serves as the single point of contact, the account management team sets project goals and follows a stepped planning process to sequence service delivery.

Change Management - Our change control procedure gives project managers the flexibility to adapt to change without compromising the project's systematic progress.

Issue Management - Accenttech's issue escalation process is integrated into every project so that clients know exactly who to call based on situational circumstances.

Subcontractor Management - When additional resources are needed to meet project requirements, we select and manage subcontractor accountability and performance levels, and train them in Accenttech's customer satisfaction methodologies.

Quality Assurance - From performance testing to follow-up calls and end-user surveys, we make sure that our services meet your expectations, provide value and result in a high degree of customer satisfaction.